Host a Trapiche wine and cheese tasting with your next watch party
In honor of Trapiche wines becoming the official wine of the Inter Miami CF, we have created a quick guide[...]
Sparkling Strawberry Lime
Hey, heyyyy! We’re not sure where you are, but where we are, it’s still too cold for our liking. So[...]
Bubbly Blueberry Lemonade
Hey, y’all! We know it’s still winter but we are getting tired of the gloomy, cold days. Who’s with us!?[...]
Galentine’s Dipped Flutes
L-L-L-LADIEEEES! Oh. My. Gosh. We have the CUTEST Galentine’s activity/treat for you today and we have been DYING to share[...]
Hard Candy Prosecco
How are we already 2 months into 2021, right?! February snuck right up on us which means Valentine’s Day is[...]
Strawberry Lemonade Rosé
February is cominnnnng, y’all, which means ALL the rosé recipes. But let’s be clear about one thing— this doesn’t mean[...]
White Grapefruit Fizz
Who’s ready for a little new year fizzy!? We are all so thrilled that 2020 and all its weirdness has[...]
Sparkling Pear Moscato
HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! Phew, can you believe we made it to 2021!? 2020 was simultaneously the longest and fastest[...]
Cherry Cola Red Blend
Hello, hello C+C community! We hope you’re staying warm in these cool months and, per usual, we’re here to do[...]
Blood Orange Bourbon Bubbly
Light the fire and grab your comfies, y’all, because we are coming to you today with THE perfect cozy night[...]
Bubbly Blackberry Cab
Continuing with our Cabernet theme, we’re back with another yummy fall cocktail where the spotlight continues shining on our beloved[...]
Spiked Pom Punch
Give us ALLLL the fall drinks, right!? RIGHT. Which is why we are back with another perfect addition to your[...]
Sauv Sangria
Hey, friends! Fall is in full swing over here and we’re still as excited as we were last week when[...]
Cranberry Apple Mimosa
You guys — it is HAPPENING! Fall is in FULL swing and we are so happy about it. Today’s drink[...]
Spiked Cider
Y’allllll. IT IS HERE. Everyone’s favorite season has swooped in and rescued the weirdness of 2020 and it showed up[...]
Apple Chardonnay
It’s pumpkin patch and hay rides and apple pickin’ season and we are here to let you know that today,[...]
Moscato Mule
Oookay, y’all! Where are our Moscow Mule lovers at!? Because over here at C+C HQ, we are BIG fans of[...]
Riesling Grapefruit Fizz
Happy Friday, friends! We are coming to you today with a DELISH, refreshing, fruity fizzie for you today and we[...]
Sweet Red Lemonade
Hey, y’all! We’re wrapping up our frozen drink month with another DELISH beverage to keep you cool and happy in[...]
Piña Moscata
Hey, friends! We hope your summer is going well and you’ve been able to enjoy alllll the fun summer activities[...]
Frozen Berry Chardonnay
Hey, friends! Continuing with our month of delicious frozen drinks, we’re back with another yummy and refreshing bev to cool[...]
Red, WINE, + Blue Slushie
Happy JULY, friends! Why does it seem like it took 3 years for us to get to May and about[...]
Tequila Rosé
Laaaaadies! We’re back with more summery goodness and today it’s all about our Tequila lovers! Doesn’t sunshine and warm weather[...]
Man Makers
Friends! Happy JUNE! Hopefully you’ve been able to relax and enjoy some of the sunshine that we have all so[...]
Watermelon Splash
Ok, can we all agree that sunshine and summer and high temps are literally the redemption song of the WEIRDEST[...]
Friends! What a wild month it continues to be, are we right!? Quarantine is *kind of* coming to an end[...]
Cherry Drop Rosé
Calling all cherry lovers! This drink is for all you red-candy-picking people who love all things cherry flavored! The bonus[...]
Riesling Peach Tea
Oookay, y’all! We have the PER.FECT. dinner-on-the-patio, grill-out-with-friends, lounging-by-the-pool drink to share with you and if you aren’t ready for[...]
Simple Charcuterie
Hey, friends! We're coming to you today with a SUPER simple snack idea or a really easy appetizer to throw[...]
Blueberry Bubbly
You guys…SPRING. IS. HERE. And We are LIVING in our feels because of it. Does anyone else feel like winter[...]
Clover Chardonnay
Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, friends! Whether your parents are actual leprechauns or you don’t have a lick of[...]
Citrus Chardonnay Mimosa
Y’all, can you feel it in the air!? Well, maybe not in the actual air, per-say, since it’s still pretty[...]
Raspberry Rosé Lemonade
Being that February is a month heavily populated by the color pink, we thought we’d bring you a recipe that[...]
Waffles + Wine
Love is in the air over here and we are so excited about it! Whether you’re spending V-Day with your[...]
Sherbert Mimosa
We’re coming to you one last time in 2019 with a drink that we think will be the perfect addition[...]
Raspberry Lime Mimosa
We’re back with another beautiful holiday cocktail that is sure to impress at all of your festive get-togethers this season![...]
Strawberry Prosecco Smash
We are SQUEALING with delight over here becausee Thanksgiving is officially OVER which means everyone is finally on the Christmas[...]
Dip It & Gift It: Holiday Edition
Why fix something that ain’t broken, right!? Right! Which is why we’re back with another classic Dip It & Gift[...]
Storyteller Wine-a-rita
We’re not entirely sure how, but summer is in it’s final weeks before all the fall things begin to creep[...]
Hey, y’all! We know it’s been a minute since we brought you something delicious to mix up, but we promise[...]
Rosé Berry Spritz
Y’ALL! Spring is so close we can literally feel it (some days at least) and we are SO excited to[...]
Bubbly Blanc
Listen, ladies. We all know everybody’s doing their best to eat clean and be mindful of the harsh reality that[...]
Clover Mojito
St. Patty’s Day weekend is officially HERE and we are so excited! Today we’ve got one more drink for you[...]
St. Pat’s Prosecco
Top o’the mornin’ (or afternoon or evenin’…whatever!) to ya, C+C fam! Today’s drink is just about the easiest thing we[...]
Rosé + Lindt Chocolate
Looking for an easy, delicious menu for hosting your girlfriends this Galentine’s Day?! Look no further! Pair our semi-sweet Myles[...]
Pomegranate Tangerine Bellini
POMEGRANATE TANGERINE BELLINI AND CHEESE STUFFED DATES WITH ALMONDS This festive and pretty Pomegranate Tangerine Bellini is the last of our Holiday Cocktails and made with[...]
Citrus Rosemary Spritz
CITRUS ROSEMARY SPRITZ WITH MANCHEGO SLICES These Citrus Rosemary Spritz are perfect for brunch or a holiday party. Prosecco, citrus and[...]
Fizzy Pear Cocktail
FIZZY PEAR COCKTAIL WITH GOAT CHEESE CROSTINI This Fizzy Pear Cocktail combines the flavors of rich pear, earthy thyme, Prosecco[...]
Blackberry Mint Cocktail
This Blackberry Mint Cocktail is refreshing, crisp, tart and sweet. The perfect holiday pairing with Blackberry Goat Cheese Mini Toasts. This[...]
Cranberry Moscato Mimosa
Cranberry Moscato MimosaJingle jangle, y’all, Christmas time is officially HERE! Like officially officially — all the “no-Christmas-decor-before-Thanksgiving” fuss can now[...]
Cherry Pie + Zinfandel
Cherry Pie + ZinfandelLet’s be honest — Pinterest is great. Blogger moms are amazing. Cooking things from scratch is wildly[...]
Hard Moscato Cider
Hard Moscato Cider We’re all in for fall over here and today’s little autumn beverage is easily in our top[...]
Apple Wine Glasses
Apple Wine GlassesIt’s official, y’all. Fall is upon us and here at C+C, we are ALLLL the way here for[...]
Wine Tasting Tools
Wine Tasting ToolsIs there really anything better than getting your closest friends together, dressing up, and going to a local[...]
Cab & Sprite Spritzer
Rosé Lemonade The warm weather is in full swing over here and all of us at C+C know that can[...]
Sparkling Moscato Pops
Sparkling Moscato PopsThe sun’s staying out later, the days are getting warmer, and lucky for you, we’ve got just the[...]
Rosé Lemonade
Rosé LemonadeThe warm weather is in full swing over here and all of us at C+C know that can only[...]