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Storyteller Chardonnay

Matthew Schublach, Storyteller Wines Winemaker introduces their Chardonnay, Summer Camp, as the idea that brings back youth, vitality and stories that you can share. You will experience notes of baked apple with a bright acidity and a good balance of toasted oak which allows a marshmallow like creaminess. This wine pairs well with any white fish in a butter sauce, but also pairs well with just fruit and cheese. Would be enjoyed with friends by the beach. Pairs well with camembert or aged gouda.

Storyteller Zinfandel

Matthew Schublach, Storyteller Wines Winemaker describes their Zinfandel, Fireside, as having bold, jammy, spicy flavors that you can enjoy with friends and family at a barbecue. It brings to mind good experiences shared with friends at that backyard event that we so much enjoy. It pairs well with brisket.

Storyteller Cabernet Sauvignon

Matthew Schublach, Storyteller Wines Winemaker introduces their Cabernet Sauvignon, Got Away.  This wine shows dark toasted oak flavors, milk chocolate, and dark cherries in the glass. It has a depth of flavor as well as a richness of flavors and the tradition of cabernet in California. Pairs well with braised and barbecued meats and will hold up well to a nice ribeye with butter on top. Pairs well with comte, sharp white cheddar, or aged gouda.