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Martin’s Rake Wine Collection

Martin’s Rake Winemaker, Pamela, introduces a New Zealand family of wines from the Mother Island. The weather is special there because there is not a lot of difference between night and day temperatures and the grapes are able to enjoy the sunshine. This family of wine is very bright and carries an acidity.  It’s also described as lush and round yet has a bit of a floral appeal and is very expressive.  It’s perfect for summer nights to share with friends.

Acronym Wine Collection

Acronym Winemaker, Chris, describes their wine as approachable. Their style is defined as a group of wines that are meant to showcase the best of California. They are made from the Central Valley whose flat areas allow for a more even ripening during growing seasons. Acronym offers five different styles of wine. Their Red Blends, which include Juicy, Silk and Rich. Their Pinot, known as Velvet, and lastly their Cabernet Sauvignon, Smooth. These wines create an accessible space where everyone feels welcome.

Magistrate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Kip Lorenzetti, Magistrate Winemaker, thinks their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a very interesting wine with a grassy bell pepper aroma and high fruit notes of guava and stone fruit. This wine is great if you want something crisp and refreshing on a hot summer day lounging by the pool or out at a lake.  Pairs well with mozzarella or chevre. 

Magistrate Paso Robles Merlot

Kip Lorenzetti, Magistrate Winemaker thinks the Paso Robles Merlot is a very archetypal passover merlot, describing it as very fruit forward with a soft and opulent mouth feel. You will notice notes of plum, blackberries, as well as some nice cola spice and a touch of vanilla. This merlot is an everyday wine that you reach for when having pizza with some friends. Pairs well with aged gouda and asiago.

Magistrate Paso Robles Red Blend

Kip Lorenzetti, Magistrate Winemaker talks about the Paso Restitution Red Blend as a very full bodied red. You will notice notes of anise, herbs, and cloves along with an interesting cedar top note. This wine has a very structured mouth feel. It pairs well with a roasted lamb shank with garlic and rosemary, and some steamed vegetables or a pork tenderloin. Pairs well with aged gouda or asiago.

Magistrate Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Kip Lorenzetti, Magistrate Winemaker thinks their Paso Cabernet Sauvignon is a full bodied fruit forward wine. You will notice notes of black cherry, blackberry, bramble fruit and currants. You will experience some nice oak spice as well as a full body and a long finish. This wine pairs well with an elegant meal or with friends on a Friday night when you throw some steaks on the grill.  Pairs well with aged cheddars or aged gouda.

Magistrate Wine Collection Overview

Kip Lorenzetti, Magistrate Winemaker talks about the Magistrate Family of wines who have garnered over 150 awards over their 15 years. Magistrate provides a wine that is unpretentious and elegant.  The hallmark of this brand is their Paso Robles AVA which is a very unique AVA in California with the largest diurnal temperature swing of any AVA. Days can get as hot as 110 degrees celsius and drop into the 40’s in the evening which really drives those fruit flavors and aromatics forward while at the same time developing very robust tannins. Magistrate conveys a level of opulence with wines showcasing what the region can do.

Dellatori Pinot Grigio

dellatori pinot grigio

Kurt Lorenzi, VP of Winemaking and Sourcing, describes the Dellatori Pinot Grigio as a very refreshing wine. With wonderful expressions of white blossoms, citrus and a touch of minerality in the finish. The Dellatori Pinot Grigio comes from North Italy, in the Veneto between Verona and Venice. Lorenzi would would enjoy this wine with fresh fish or a pasta fruit tomato, sitting seaside in a café. Pairs nicely with goat cheese or parmigiana reggiano.

Dellatori Tuscan Red

dellatori tuscan red

Kurt Lorenzi, VP of Winemaking and Sourcing, says the Dellatori Tuscan Red flavors of black cherries, currants, a little anise and a very soft supply finish take him back to a warm summer day. This is one of Lorenzi’s favorite classics which he likes to enjoy with veal parmigiana and roasted artichokes. 

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