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The Holidays Are Here!

The Holidays are here and if you are in any way a normal person, you aren’t done shopping or planning yet for your family Christmas and Secret Santa parties. With all the stress and hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget why we are even doing what we are doing or what else needs to be done.

When hosting those parties, we thought it would be fun to dress up the table a bit more with these fun printables! Add a little extra cheer to those Christmas dinners with our Holiday Place Mats and Food Name Cards! We even supplied you with a Fun Gift Tag for any present!

Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for delicious mixer and appetizer pairings this week, featuring Ogio Prosecco and 7UP!

Cranberry Moscato Mimosa

​Cranberry Moscato Mimosa

Jingle jangle, y’all, Christmas time is officially HERE! Like officially officially — all the “no-Christmas-decor-before-Thanksgiving” fuss can now end because Turkey Day is behind us and, don't shoot the messenger, but Christmas Day is only a short 29 days away!

BUT don’t panic! While the hustle and bustle of the season can be overwhelming, and there are a casual 40-something parties to miraculously fit into 25 days, we are here to save the day with a super simple, go-to drink that will have all your party guests asking for mor

As we all know by now, a Christmas party isn't a Christmas party without a festive menu, right?! And a festive menu isn't compete without festive drinks, yeah!? YUP. Enter: the Corks + Cheers Cranberry Moscato Mimosa, the answer to all your party drink prayers.

What you'll need:

*1 bottle Dellatorri Sparkling

*Cranberry Juice cocktail

*Fresh cranberries to garnish

Here’s how to make it:

Make it as you would with any other mimosa, which, after doing our own research and debating the proper technique, seems to have the audience split:  bubbly first, then cranberry juice or cranberry juice, topped with the bubbly?! It apparently doesn't matter! You do you! Then, to finish it off, garnish with a little cranberry skewer and enjoy!

Quick, easy, and delicious! Christmas cheer at it's finest!