​Cranberry Moscato Mimosa

Jingle jangle, y’all, Christmas time is officially HERE! Like officially officially — all the “no-Christmas-decor-before-Thanksgiving” fuss can now end because Turkey Day is behind us and, don't shoot the messenger, but Christmas Day is only a short 29 days away!

BUT don’t panic! While the hustle and bustle of the season can be overwhelming, and there are a casual 40-something parties to miraculously fit into 25 days, we are here to save the day with a super simple, go-to drink that will have all your party guests asking for mor

As we all know by now, a Christmas party isn't a Christmas party without a festive menu, right?! And a festive menu isn't compete without festive drinks, yeah!? YUP. Enter: the Corks + Cheers Cranberry Moscato Mimosa, the answer to all your party drink prayers.

What you'll need:

*1 bottle Dellatorri Sparkling

*Cranberry Juice cocktail

*Fresh cranberries to garnish

Here’s how to make it:

Make it as you would with any other mimosa, which, after doing our own research and debating the proper technique, seems to have the audience split:  bubbly first, then cranberry juice or cranberry juice, topped with the bubbly?! It apparently doesn't matter! You do you! Then, to finish it off, garnish with a little cranberry skewer and enjoy!

Quick, easy, and delicious! Christmas cheer at it's finest! 

Melissa Chaney