Wine Tasting Tools

Is there really anything better than getting your closest friends together, dressing up, and going to a local winery for a tasting!? Well actually, yes. Yes there is. How about doing all of the above, but instead of going out — you do it from the comfort of your own home?! UM YES PLEASE. And with our simple tasting tools, hosting your own Wine Tasting has never been easier! 

Whether it’s a random Wednesday evening and Mama just needs a break, or it’s a weekend night you and your hubby have had on the calendar for months, you deserve it! And you deserve to enjoy it with minimal stress, and easy access to all the tools you could possibly need!

Wine Tasting Tools

Because of that - said tools are all available for download right here in this post. First, you have your tasting mats. Print 1 mat per person and set them at each guest’s seat before they arrive. Secondly, we’ve provided you with information cards about 2 of our favorite wines: Myles and Moore Cabernet Sauvignon and Martin’s Rake Sauvignon Blanc. These amazing little guys will help you get to know your wines before you start sippin’. And by the way, we’ve left the third tasting spot up to you — pick your favorite and fill in the blank! Next up, what’s a good tasting without delicious foods to pair your wine with!? That’s why we’ve given you a little cheese pairing cheat sheet to help you divulge the fullness of each wine’s unique taste and to wake up the palette’s of your guests! And finally, for an added touch, we’ve provided you with pairing labels to showcase each of your delicious cheeses!


If you’re new around here or if you’re an old friend, one thing you come to learn about us here at C+C pretty quickly is this: we adore community…ESPECIALLY when that community involves gathering together to enjoy delicious wines and amazing company! We hope you have the BEST time hosting your people for your tasting, and when you do, we would LOVE for you to share details, stories, and pictures for us to see! Happy Tasting, friends!!

Melissa Chaney