Strawberry Prosecco Smash

We are SQUEALING with delight over here becausee Thanksgiving is officially OVER which means everyone is finally on the Christmas train! No more controversy on if it’s too soon to celebrate or not — and we are in full swing here in the Corks and Cheers community!

Once again this year we have teamed up with our incredibly talented and creative friend, Lena from @lenaskitchenblog to give you delicious and gorgeous seasonal cocktails to serve at your holiday parties! Each of the recipes features our FAVORITE bubbly, Ogio Prosecco, and everyone’s favorite lemon-lime soda, 7Up!

First up in our holiday cocktail lineup is our Strawberry Prosecco Smash. Super simple, easy on the eyes, and absolutely delicious!

Here’s what you’ll need:
*makes 4 cocktails

8 large fresh strawberries, smashed
1 tsp sugar
1⁄2 cup 7UP lemon lime soda
1⁄2 large lemon, juiced
Ogio Prosecco to top off each glass
4 thin lemon slices
Fresh mint leaves
High ball style glass

And here’s how you make it:

Cut and then smash strawberries in a jar with sugar and lemon. Add the Diet 7UP lemon lime soda, mix well together.
Add ice in glasses. Add 2 spoonfuls of strawberry mix into each glass. Garnish with lemon and mint leaves.
Top off with prosecco in each glass.

If you’re looking for something for your guests to munch on while they enjoy this drink, we suggest the following cheese pairings, all available at your local Kroger:
-Soft triple cream brie (or any kind of brie)
-Aged manchego cheese

And there you have it — easy peasy, per usual! Come find us on instagram @corksandcheers and let us know who you’re enjoying your cocktails with! And don’t forget to give Lena a follow as well!

Happy Holidays, friends! We hope you’re enjoying all the beauty this season brings!

Melissa Chaney