A dedicated scholar, Mike has devoted his professional life to learning everything he possibly can about wine. In 2009, he earned the highest recognition in the industry by passing the Master of Wine qualification. (There are less than 360 people in the world that have earned this prestigious title!) A native of Wales, Collier’s interest in wine was sparked while studying Food Technology at the National College of Food Science and Technology at Reading University.He brings an unparalleled level of expertise and craftsmanship to the winemaking team. He has an uncanny ability for finding unique, high-quality wines and creating blends that excite consumers.

- Mike collier, master of wine                                               

Part winemaker, part adventurer - Johnson Scutt has made wine from over 11 different countries, including Spain, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus. Originally from New Zealand, Scutt grew up on his family’s winemaking estate, which ignited his passion to pursue wine. He earned his Wine Science degree and worked for several years in Australia before setting out to travel the world. This adventure included double harvests each year, flying from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere to make wine. Finally, he settled in the UK to work with European wines. In 2004, he joined WX as the Director of Sourcing, first for Europe and now for the Southern Hemisphere. Scutt is devoted to finding and delivering honest varietal expression for the best value. He currently lives in New Zealand with his wife, kids and two Catalan cats.

- johnson scutt, winemaker

With a decade-long winemaking career, Kip has become a specialist in California’s Central Coast and has developed an expertise for blending wines. As the assistant winemaker at Terravant Wine Company (now Summerland Wine Brands), Kip worked with some of the best vineyards from across California's top wine regions. And most recently, as winemaker for Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards, Kip guided the ultra-premium and luxury wine production for winery's Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Rhone varietals. 

- kip lorenzetti, winemaker

Matt Shuplock credits a bit of good fortune along with a lot of hard work for kick starting his nearly two-decade long career in the wine industry. As a Fermentation Biotechnology major at the University of California, Davis, an empty booth at the college career fair led to an interview and ultimately steered the course of his career toward the wine industry. At a young age, Matt’s father instilled in him the importance of a strong work ethic. It’s a lesson he still carries with him. His mother continued to remind him to always be kind and appreciate others. Matt credits these values for shaping him into the winemaker he is today.
Matt was drawn to winemaking by its balance of art and science. He explains that as a winemaker, you have the unique ability to capture a time and a place in a bottle. Each year brings the opportunity for reinvention. Matt jokes that this makes him “mad scientist” of sorts. Early in his career, Matt experienced the generosity of the wine industry firsthand. He has had many mentors, who not only took a chance on him, but also continued to teach and share insights to help him grow and learn. Linda Trotta, winemaker at Bread & Butter is one of many wine industry professionals Matt considers mentors and friends.

- matt shuplock, winemaker

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