It’s Cabernet Day!

Yes, friends. YES. You absolutely DID read that title right. It’s NATIONAL CABERNET SAUVIGNON DAY! Don’t worry, our eyes are welling up with happy tears, too. It’s the holiday we never knew we needed, but the holiday we’ve always deserved. HALLELUJAH.

So, to celebrate we’re treating ourselves to our favorite Storyteller Cab, paired with these delicious Private Selection mixed nuts and chocolates, and the always necessary prosciutto and mozzarella roll-ups also by Private Selection. And because it’s a holiday, why not splurge a little bit, right?! So we even got ourselves some flowers for the occasion. Y’ALL, YOU. DESERVE. THIS.

Seriously, though…can we brag on our Storyteller Cabernet Sauv real quick? It is amazingly smooth, with the richest taste. It pairs well with SO many foods and it is a fan-favorite when you are hosting friends or family. Run —don’t walk — to your nearest Kroger to grab yourself a bottle or two!


Melissa Chaney