Dip It & Gift It: Holiday Edition

Why fix something that ain’t broken, right!? Right! Which is why we’re back with another classic Dip It & Gift It option for you to use this holiday season!

Look, we aren’t trying to induce panic here, but the holidays are literally happening, like…right now. NOW. Translation: If you haven’t already, START SHOPPING. And if you need help gifting, keep reading!

Despite the amount of gifts you’re probably responsible for giving, we have at least a few gifts covered for you with this easy and adorable little guy! *Cue the superhero-save-the-day-music* It’s so easy — grab a bottle of your person’s favorite wine (we used, and highly recommend, Storyteller Pinot Noir). Once you’ve picked out your wine, you’ll need to grab some melting chocolate, press n’ seal, a basting brush, and a pot to melt your chocolate. A stove or an electric burner will also be necessary.

And here’s how you make the magic happen: Set your burner to med-high heat. Pour your melting chocolate into your pot and stir every minute or so until smooth. While your chocolate is melting, take your plastic wrap and wrap your bottle, leaving the top open. In this particular case, we used our delicious Rue de Pearl Rosé. Ensure that the plastic goes all the way to the bottom and wrap it underneath, so as to keep the chocolate from touching the actual bottle. Now, you’re ready to dip (or in our case, paint!) We used a silicone basting brush to essentially “paint” on the chocolate which made the process SO easy, but you can use whatever you’d like. At this point, take the basting brush in the chocolate and paint your bottle and again, leave the top clean. We went around the bottle a few times to get the chocolate nice and thick, but this is a total preference thing. You can’t really mess this up, we promise! Lastly, while the chocolate is still melted, add your sprinkles for the perfect finishing touch! After this, let your chocolate dry (about 5-10 minutes in the freezer will do the trick!) Once dry, wrap your adorable bottle in a plastic bag, tie a ribbon around the top, add one of our DARLING gift tags, and boom! You’re ready to gift it.

Not only does this make your life much easier, we’re pretty sure chocolate and wine is gonna make the lucky wine recipient’s life easier, too! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — you cannot go wrong with the gift of wine!

For our cute gift tags, download & print here:

And as if you need help showing the lucky recipient how to put this gift to use, it’s literally as simple as this: grab a plate or bowl and place the covered bottle in the center, then begin peeling the the press n’ seal off and letting the chocolate crack off and fall. Toss your wrap in the trash, grab the corkscrew, and get to pouring! Wham Bam — chocolate and wine right at your fingertips!

Here’s to making your holiday gift-giving a little easier, and a lot sweeter!

Happy Holidays, friends! Cheers to life, love, family, and friends this season!

Melissa Chaney