​Cherry Pie + Zinfandel

Let’s be honest — Pinterest is great. Blogger moms are amazing. Cooking things from scratch is wildly admirable. Joanna Gaines might be superhuman. But MOMS. Regular Moms are the real MVPs. Can I get a witness?! Moms who have 1, 2, 6, 10 kids with 25 different practices, lessons, therapies, and school projects to handle in a week are the ones who deserve to wear the superhero capes and win the trophies.

And who better to encourage the moms that YOU’RE DOING JUST FINE than your friends here at Corks + Cheers?! Listen — we get it. While we believe the saying “you have the same amount of time in a week as Beyoncé,” we also believe you don't have the same amount of drivers, nannies, or maids as Beyoncé. So there. That’s settled.

What you'll need:

*Bottle of Pinetti Notte Zinfandel

*Marie Callender's ready-to-bake pie

So what do you do when you’re asked to make a delicious dessert for your Thanksgiving party this year? You get real with ‘em and do what we did. Our friends at Marie Callender’s make delicious ready-to-bake pies, making your life 400x easier. We went with the cherry pie and it did not disappoint! And then, because you’re an awesome mom, you wow the crowd by throwing in a bottle of our Pinetti Notte Zinfandel. The aromas of cherry and subtle hints of blackberry in the wine make for the perfect compliment the pie! Plus, what takes the focus off of a non-homemade dessert better than a good bottle of wine? Zin for the win, amirite?!

Wham bam, thank you ma’am — easy as pie! HA! Get it!? Now go enjoy your holidays instead of stressing out over what you’re going to bring to your next party!
Cheers, friends, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Melissa Chaney