‘BOO’ZE your Friends!

You've Been Boozed

It’s the BEST time of the year around here and we have a fun, festive little fall activity for the big people on the blog today!

Maybe it’s just where we’re from, but neighborhoods ALL over our city participate in the annual “BOO”-ing of their friends around Halloween. Basically, you fill a bowl or bag of Halloween treats, leave it on a neighbor’s doorstep, and then they hang their ghost on the door and pass the fun on to two more families. Super cute, super fun, and the kids LOVE getting candy early…duh!

BUT what if we told you there was an even better version of this for all the parents out there?! Oh yes — WE. GOT. YOU. MAMA. It’s the same concept as the candy on the porch, except you’re getting ‘BOO’ZED, not Boo’d! And ALLLL the mamas said AMEN!

It’s simple — print out this adorable template and tie it around your favorite bottle of wine or booze of your choice. Leave it on your neighbor’s porch, then they’ll stick the print to their door and pass it along! When you see a house with the tag on their door, you know they’ve already been Boozed, so hit someone new! Then watch as, day by day, your entire neighborhood suddenly seems just a little bit happier! 😉

AND — if you don’t have neighbors, you can get your coworkers, friends, or even perfect strangers! We’re pretty sure NO ONE will be upset with an unopened bottle of wine, right?

Happy Halloween and Happy Booz’ing, y’all!

Melissa Chaney