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Sherbert Mimosa

We’re coming to you one last time in 2019 with a drink that we think will be the perfect addition to your New Years Eve, whether you’re getting fancied up or just laying low in PJs with the fam! Since we’re BIG mimosa people, we figured we’d give you one final, very simple, mimosa to close out 2019 and usher you right into 2020!

This is probably the easiest drink recipe we’ve ever made, but it will not disappoint! You literally only need 2 ingredients. SO EASY!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Ogio Prosecco
Sherbert (whatever flavor you prefer!)

And here’s how you make it:
Fill champagne flutes about 1/3 of the way with sherbert
Top with prosecco

THAT. IS. IT. Simple simple simple! And while there are no rules on when you should enjoy this, we all agree that it does make a perfect dessert drink, AKA the perfect drink to have in your hand when the ball drops in NYC!

As we say goodbye to an amazing 2019, we just want to thank YOU, our sweet community, for being a part of what we are doing here at C+C. Having you in our corner is a gift, and we are so looking forward to all that’s to come in 2020!

May you have a blessed, abundant, and healthy 2020! See you in the new year! Cheers!


These 5 easy prosecco holiday cocktails take less than 10 minutes to prep. Perfect for holiday brunch or cocktail party. Top with prosecco and enjoy.

This is a sponsored conversation written by Lena of Lena’s Kitchen blog on behalf of Corks and Cheers. The opinions and text are Lena’s. Pick up all your ingredients at your local Kroger store for a one stop shop.

Party planning can be daunting, especially around the holidays. I want to help you host a party where you get to relax, enjoy a cocktail or two and mingle with your family and friends.
So, I created these 5 easy prosecco holiday cocktails to give you a fun variety for your guests. All easy to make. Try one or all recipes and share with your guests this holiday season. Also, sharing an easy charcuterie board tutorial to make as a perfect cheese and meat pairing with these cocktails. Set it up and let your guests graze while you get to relax and enjoy the party too.
My favorite part about these cocktails is that all of the work can be done ahead of time. Set it up for your guests to make their own drinks. Then all you have to do is enjoy a fun time playing hostess with the mostess and have fun with your guests.

-Clean all your glassware and place them upside down.
– Set up bar cart with glasses, napkins, straws, toothpicks.
-Chill the prosecco, 7UP, juices the night before.
– Set up charcuterie board with bowls and have your utensils ready.
-Make sure you have enough ice to keep drinks cool and use for serving the drinks too.
-Prep the fixings for all the drinks.
-Cut and crumble the cheeses.
-Prep and cut the meats for charcuterie.
-Clean grapes for charcuterie.
-Create all the garnishes for each drink and keep cold.
-Make all 5 cocktails or pick one or two for a signature cocktail for your party. Up to you.
Let’s get this party started, shall we? Here are your FIVE festive cocktail recipes using the delicious Ogio Prosecco and 7UP. Cheers!

BLUEBERRY LIME SPRITZ, a fun spin on a spritz. It’s light, fizzy, citrusy and stunning. I love the touch of blueberries for a pop of color

This sweet GINGER PEACH SPARKLE marries ginger and peach together with a refreshing hint of thyme.

Refreshing, light, fruity and bubbly is what this STRAWBERRY PROSECCO SMASH cocktail tastes like — it’s summer in a cup…but should be enjoyed year round!

Not your traditional mimosa recipe. Adding a twist of lime and pineapple to make this a festive PINEAPPLE ORANGE MIMOSA.

This RASPBERRY LIME MIMOSA has a great hint of lime and sweetness from the raspberries. Perfect morning or evening pick me up.

Here are some simple steps you can take to create the perfect charcuterie board. This HOLIDAY CHARCUTERIE BOARD will be the center of attention at any party. Easy to prep ahead and serve to your guests.

Instructions for presentation:
-Cut off ends of manchego cheese, then thinly slice into triangles.
-Lay out the cheeses, place bowls near them. In bowls, add in cornichons, olives, honey and jam. I like to have the jam next to manchego cheese, it goes really well together.
-Add in the prosciutto and salami around the cheeses. Add sliced apples or pears, persimmons and nuts around. Add in the grapes and fill in the middle of the board gaps with nuts, dried fruit and crackers at the edges of the board.
-Serve and enjoy with a few cocktails and friends.

I hope you guys have the happiest of holidays and can’t wait to see you make these 5 easy prosecco holiday cocktails and a beautiful charcuterie board to make your hosting hassle free and enjoyable. Cheers, friends!

Happy Holidays,

Raspberry Lime Mimosa

We’re back with another beautiful holiday cocktail that is sure to impress at all of your festive get-togethers this season! Today on the menu it’s our subtly classy, not-too-dry but not-too-sweet, Raspberry Lime Mimosa! And don’t let the name fool you — this isn’t just a brunch drink…this is an anytime-of-day-drink!

Once again we are partnering with our dear friend Lena of @lenaskitchenblog to execute these recipes, all of which feature our Corks + Cheers exclusive Ogio Prosecco as well as 7Up!

So, without further ado, here’s what you’ll need to get this cocktail ready:
*makes 4 cocktails
1 cup raspberry lemonade1⁄2 cup Diet 7UP lemon lime soda4 tbsp lime juiceOgio Prosecco to top off each glass Ice
Fresh raspberries4 thin lime slicesStemless champagne flutes or regular

And here’s how you make it:
Add raspberry lemonade to bottom of each glass, then add the Diet 7UP lemon limesoda and lime juice.
Add Ice, top with garnishes.
Top off with prosecco in each glass.

And since we can’t let your guests starve, we have a few cheese pairing suggestions for this drink as well. Again, all cheese options we recommend can be found at your local Kroger!
Pairings for this mimosa are as follows:
Santori Merlot Bellavitano (wine soaked cheese)
Gorganzola Dolce cheese

This little mimosa will be a definite crowd favorite this holiday season! And beware, they’re not just pretty to look at. They’re PRETTY (easy) to drink, too!

All our love to you and yours this holiday season! Cheers to creating special memories and moments with your people!

Strawberry Prosecco Smash

We are SQUEALING with delight over here becausee Thanksgiving is officially OVER which means everyone is finally on the Christmas train! No more controversy on if it’s too soon to celebrate or not — and we are in full swing here in the Corks and Cheers community!

Once again this year we have teamed up with our incredibly talented and creative friend, Lena from @lenaskitchenblog to give you delicious and gorgeous seasonal cocktails to serve at your holiday parties! Each of the recipes features our FAVORITE bubbly, Ogio Prosecco, and everyone’s favorite lemon-lime soda, 7Up!

First up in our holiday cocktail lineup is our Strawberry Prosecco Smash. Super simple, easy on the eyes, and absolutely delicious!

Here’s what you’ll need:
*makes 4 cocktails

8 large fresh strawberries, smashed
1 tsp sugar
1⁄2 cup 7UP lemon lime soda
1⁄2 large lemon, juiced
Ogio Prosecco to top off each glass
4 thin lemon slices
Fresh mint leaves
High ball style glass

And here’s how you make it:

Cut and then smash strawberries in a jar with sugar and lemon. Add the Diet 7UP lemon lime soda, mix well together.
Add ice in glasses. Add 2 spoonfuls of strawberry mix into each glass. Garnish with lemon and mint leaves.
Top off with prosecco in each glass.

If you’re looking for something for your guests to munch on while they enjoy this drink, we suggest the following cheese pairings, all available at your local Kroger:
-Soft triple cream brie (or any kind of brie)
-Aged manchego cheese

And there you have it — easy peasy, per usual! Come find us on instagram @corksandcheers and let us know who you’re enjoying your cocktails with! And don’t forget to give Lena a follow as well!

Happy Holidays, friends! We hope you’re enjoying all the beauty this season brings!