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Rosé + Lindt Chocolate

Looking for an easy, delicious menu for hosting your girlfriends this Galentine’s Day?! Look no further! Pair our semi-sweet Myles & Moore Rosé with the decadent, deliciousness of Lindt chocolates and we’re pretty positive you’ll be kicking your girlfriends out by the end of the night because they’re not going to leave on their own!

So what’s the hype with Galentine’s Day anyway, you ask!? Here’s the skinny: we are FIRM believers that behind every great gal is a group text hyping her up — and basically, we think celebrating your hype-girls is important and necessary and honestly, just downright FUN. It’s so much less exclusive than the entire idea of having one valentine and the pressure of offering the cutest gesture to said valentine. It’s a way to celebrate the people that you are ACTUALLY crazy about. Ladies who have seen you — and LOVED you anyway — at your worst, and who have celebrated with you — and LOVED you anyway — at your best.

Community is important. Friendship is important. And wine! WINE IS IMPORTANT! Combine all three, throw some chocolate on top, and tell us why anyone wouldn’t want to celebrate! AND DON’T FORGET! You can make this Galentine’s Day extra special for your girls with our darling little exclusive C+C tags and cards — available right here!

Cheers to love, laughter, and all your best gals!


Galentine’s Gift Tags+Cards

Around here, February means all things LOVE — and we aren’t just talking about being in love. We’re talking about spreading love, showing love, extending love, making people FEEL love. And since we all know the Corks+Cheers team’s love-language is wine, we are giving you the tools to speak our language to all your favorite people!

It’s super simple — start by grabbing a bottle of your favorite wine to gift. For us this February, it’s our Myles & Moore Rosé. (Because #pink). Throw in some chocolates, a fuzzy pear of socks, a cute wine glass, or just leave it as-is, and top it off with these adorable C+C exclusive cards and gift tags! HONESTLY YOU GUYS — JUST ALL THE HEART EYES OVER THESE! Get yours here:
Card 1 – Tag 1 — Card 2 – Tag 2 — Tag 3

inside: you had me at merlot

inside: happy galentine’s day

Wham bam! We couldn’t possibly make this any easier on you, and we just know your gals are going to be feeling the love this month! And don’t forget to show us how you use the tags and cards on social media with hashtag #corks+cheers or tag us @corksandcheers!

Happy lovin’ y’all! Xoxo,